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Ogham stone, Maulinward


This small stone can be found shortly after going through the entrance gate at Maulinward church. The front is engraved with a Celtic sunwheel  cross and down one side are Ogham marks. The Archaeological Survey of West Cork refers to this stone as a cross slab and it very disappointingly considers the marks to be grooves left by 'sharpening'. I find that hard to agree with.

The stone was found by Jeremiah Hurley (d 1933)( when ploughing  his land near the creamery and is not in its original position. He removed it to what he may have considered to be the more suitable spot near a church. The original position was near a monastic site around the scartbawn area and may have had connections with that.

Maulinward: mealb an Mhanaigh - the priest's knoll
Maulinward church is clearly signed from the Creamery road out of Durrus
V981 437

This is an unexpected treasure and I missed it completely on the first couple of occasions that I visited the old church. It is small stone, almost inconspicuous until you look closer and see the carvings. These are simply but attractively done and give the stone a powerful aura. The Ogham is on one side of the stone - quite a bit of which remains under ground level. There is a suggestion that the stone was moved from elsewhere but I've been unable to find any further information about this.

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