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Maulinward holy well


This tiny little well can be found in the banks of the road going up towards Maulinward church and is easy to miss as it is usually very overgrown. A bit of searching though and you can spot the stone trough surrounded by ferns.The water is abundant, clear and fresh. A very attractive spot.

This tiny well was traditionally visited on St John's Eve (23/24th June) and was part of the rounds that centred on a visit to Father Bernane's grave at nearby Maulinward church. Father Bernane was a popular local parish priest who was considered to have healing powers. The pattern day attracted large crowds and frequently got very rowdy. Father Bernane himself was known to have enjoyed a spot of the hard stuff and pilgrims often left a bottle of whiskey on his grave.The church was not impressed and such goings on were eventually banned. This little well was still being visited in the 1930s for this is what a young girl wrote about it in the Schools Folklore Survey of 1938:
In Durrus cemetery .... there is a holy well which bears evidence of cures in former times as many personal belongings have been left there. People do not go to pay the rounds there at present but they probably did in former times. Rounds were paid at the grave of a certain Father Bernane who is buried there.

Maulinward: mealb an Mhanaigh - the priest's knoll
Follow the creamery road out of Durrus, take left signed to Maulinward. It's on the right hand side, tucked into the ditch