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Durrus School

Former schoolhouse

Now an attractive private house, this was the original Durrus school,founded in 1780 for the local Protestant population. Originally there was a single room for the school, a teacher's house and a small shed for turf. This is the entry for Durrus school in the 1826 Education Inquiry:

Entry for Durris (sic) school:

Glebe Clashadoo

Teacher James Kingston

Protestant school

£19 beside an acre of Glebe land

Stone and mortar, slated, in good repair.

63 C of I children, 5 RC; 44 males, 24 females.

The children were taught reading, writing, arithmetic, the scriptures and the church catechism to Protestants. By the 1930s, the building was in a very poor state of repair and an outbreak of diphtheria, causing the death of several children, forced its closure. A new school was built down the road at Ahagouna.

Nearby site:

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