Sheep's Head Places

The Sheep's Head Peninsula is a small finger of land pointing out into the Atlantic Ocean. It is a wonderfully unspoilt area of smallish mountains, pebbly strands, black bogs and windswept moorlands. It has three villages (I'm including Durrus), clusters of little hamlets and independent dwellings dotted around the countryside and is home to approximately 1200 people - a very eclectic and diverse bunch of farmers, artists, musicians, fishermen, web designers, TDs, and the odd celebrity!

The peninsula is littered with clues about its past people. There is an abundance of interesting sites - stone circles and gallauns; ringforts and castles, holy wells and cillins, copper mines and signal towers, and the remains of many old stone cabins and farms. Some of these are well known and recorded, others are hidden or falling into decay, some have simply been forgotten.

Some of the sites are important locally and nationally, others such as the old farms speak volumes about a way of life that is rapidly disappearing. I have attempted to rediscover these sites and to record what I've found through photographs and words in an attempt to give them some recognition before they eventually disappear.

I have grouped the sites according to age, then sub-divided into broad categories giving each a brief description, location and my personal thoughts and experiences of the site.

Most of these sites have open access but some are on private land. I have not always asked permission but my intentions are honourable and all sites have been left as they were found.

The sites I have included are the ones I find interesting and will be added to continually.  There will be gaps and there will be errors and I would be delighted to receive additional information or corrections.